Mgr. Josef Strzibny

Full-stack software engineer interested in technical leadership, business, and bootstrapping.

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Deployment from Scratch, author

An introductory book to web application deployment.


Vagrant for your Fedora, speaker

Joined Vagrant presentation with Tomáš Hrčka at DevConf 2015 about bringing Vagrant to Fedora. See notes…


Get Tandem, founder

Improve your languages' skills by meeting native speakers who live, study or travel near you. Non-commercial.

Fedora Developer, main contributor

A place for developers running Fedora systems. Official by Fedora Project. Non-commercial.

Open Source

InvoicePrinter, author

A PDF invoicing library, server, and command line client written in Ruby.

gem-compare, author

A RubyGems plugin to compare different gem versions.

Also made ruby-ares, gem-patch, vagrant-registration.

Contributions to polisher, fog-libvirt, gem2rpm, currency-conversion, ja_serializer, money and others.